HKEX Stock Code:

1693 >

Solid Growth

In the last five years, we have continued to prove our resilience in a competitive industry


  • A G7 construction services company, the highest grade attainable in Malaysia
  • Track record of successful project deliveries for premiere Malaysian developers and GLCs
  • Future-focused offerings of integrated Construction Services and Concession & Maintenance
  • Our proprietary Qube system of controls that raise operational efficiency and add to project value
  • The Group listed on the Main Board, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX Stock Code: 1693), 9 August, 2017

Trends &

  • Projected growth of the Malaysian construction industry: CAGR 4.8%, 2016 -2020
  • Malaysia’s development plans to see growth of PPP infrastructure and utilities projects
  • Growing complexity of project design, scope and scale
  • Global shift towards sustainability and renewable energy


  • Increasing domestic and overseas market share – pursue large profit projects and PPP projects with BLMT models
  • Leveraging our listing in Asia’s financial capital, making inroads through the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Growth through merger and acquisition, domestic and overseas
  • Investing in more advanced machinery and equipment to lower construction costs


  • Leveraging core competencies to secure more long-term concession projects
  • Venturing into renewable energy generation concessions
  • Leaving smaller ecological footprints by applying Green Ocean Builder (G.O. Builder) thinking