• Installation of M&E Services
  • Smart Building Systems
  • Building Elevator Systems & Services

INNOVATING VALUE with efficient use of components, cost & time

ECONOMY IN CONSTRUCTION while meeting safety & functional specifications

ECONOMY IN MAINTENANCE throughout a building’s life cycle

Engineering small ways to achieve big economy

Providing both design-and-build services allow us to manage total cost and completion of M&E works more economically. Value engineering from planning to installation explores small modifications and alternatives that safely reduce unnecessary materials and build time while raising energy efficiency. This way, our M&E facilities require less to construct and maintain throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Alya Sales Gallery (Formerly KLGCC Resort), Kuala Lumpur

The challenge

Planning and installing M&E equipment to meet the unique space and energy requirements of an award-winning gallery with structural glass walls.

Our solution

Implemented value engineering and rapid procurement to deliver cost-efficient, energy-efficient and quality M&E solutions designed with the building’s minimalist, “outdoors in” sensibilities in mind.

Melawati Mall, Kuala Lumpur

The challenge

Planning and installation of electrical systems and equipment to power a retail complex spanning almost 1,000,000 square metres.

Our solution

Assessing building envelope design to gauge energy loads and identifying electrical requirements. Simplifying electrical system design for efficient installation and maintenance.

Kingsley Hills, Selangor

The challenge

Optimizing available space in multi-storey residential buildings in planning and installation of M&E equipment including lifts for individual units.

Our solution

Space-saving M&E design and equipment to retain the spaciousness of the original architecture. Avoiding over-engineering of systems to keep initial and maintenance costs on target.