• Energy Substations
  • Underground Cabling Systems
  • Solar Power Plants

MEDIUM & HIGH VOLTAGE substation capabilities

Uncompromised construction safety in HIGH-TRAFFIC AREAS

Systems optimized with equipment & cables from REPUTABLE MANUFACTURERS

Channelling big energy
through small innovations

With growing urbanization and energy demands come new challenges in energy transmission and distribution. We engineer small enhancements in route planning, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and maintenance to improve energy delivery efficiency safely while reducing construction carbon footprints. These competencies will continue to position us as a reliable partner for Malaysia’s national utilities provider.

Energy Substations

The challenge

Designing and constructing a high voltage substation meeting national power grid specifications.

Our solution

Project teams experienced in multi-stage EPCC projects and risk mitigation. Other successes include a high voltage substation for a coal-fired power plant in Tanjung Bin, Johor.

Underground Cabling

The challenge

Higher land optimization demands due to increasing urbanization.

Our solution

Underground solutions require less land and cost to install. One of the few contractors in our class with underground cabling capabilities. In addition to space and maintenance advantages, underground cabling raises property value by making room for more landscaping.

Renewable Energy

The challenge

Managing short-term fluctuations in renewable energy output and other renewable energy infrastructure challenges.

Our solution

Engineering efficient solutions that facilitate grid-integration without the high cost of energy storage.