• Build, Lease, Maintain & Transfer (BLMT) • Private Funding Initiative (PFI) Scheme


Some of the biggest differences BGMC’s value engineering has made to raise the value of a project have come from small changes that economized capital, material use, manpower and maintenance while optimizing functionality. Like changing the shape of pile caps for one project which resulted in millions in cost reductions and a compact piling system with higher load-bearing capacity.

UiTM Dengkil Campus
In 2015, the Group successfully handed over the UiTM Dengkil Campus under a Build, Lease, Maintain and Transfer (BLMT) agreement.
BGMC brings big advantages to public - private partnerships. Our lean operating methods, highly specific management skills, resources and innovations enable our public sector clients to construct assets with minimal risk. In turn, we gain sustainable revenue streams to diversify and grow.
Contributing To Nation-Building
BL MT softens the high initial cost of construction, facilitating the construction of public facilities such as universities and infrastructure.
BL MT of Public Facilities
BL MT of Public Facilities

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